Children's Christmas Show Richmond borough

A Children’s Christmas Show- Richmond Borough

This week we caught up with Kenneth Mason who wrote Hatti & Pippa’s Christmas Adventure-a Children’s Christmas Show for the Richmond Borough.

Can you tell us how you first came to write plays?

I was first inspired to write after seeing Alan Bennett’s Talking Heads on television. The idea of creating a character through monologue was appealing. Since then, I’ve written about twenty others, some of which have been performed here at Hampton Hill Theatre and elsewhere. I have also developed duologues, plays and lyrics for musicals.

What inspired you to write plays for children?

After seeing something I’d written, Stephen Leslie, asked if I would adapt a children’s story in to a play with music. I felt a bit like a duck taking to water, finding words and situations to absorb young minds. It was most enjoyable! This was followed the next year with a Christmas play using the same characters.

How did you come up with the idea for Hatti & Pippa Christmas Adventure?

I find there are no ‘eureka’ moments in realizing ideas for plays. They arrive by a sort of osmosis, as was the case with Hatti and Pippa’s Christmas Adventure. The concept of a young girl helping a penguin find its way to the South Pole, in order to be with its family for Christmas, just appeared from somewhere. Then it was my job to bring that adventure to life by adding conflict and the delight of other characters.

You have been heavily involved with the work of Producer Stephen Leslie since the original Ellie & Starlight show. Do you have plans to work with him again?

Working with Stephen Leslie, who had the original idea to develop these plays, has proved to be a great partnership. And some thoughts are slowly forming where we can, hopefully, work together for next Christmas.

Hatti & Pippa’s Christmas Adventure will be playing at Hampton Hill Theatre from Wednesday 14th- Saturday 24th December. Tickets are selling fast so please click here to book now!

by Sarah Watson

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