Ellie and Starlight The Musical

“Stephen Leslie must be congratulated for mounting this highly imaginative production, which has an appeal and message for an audience of all ages.”

Celia Bard, Mark Aspen Reviews, April 2019

Ellie and Starlight the Musical is a heart-warming tale of a strong willed little Yup’ik Eskimo girl called Ellie and her best friend Starlight the polar bear.

One day Ellie notices that something very strange is happening to her Eskimo house and as she attempts to uncover the mystery, the problem worsens and her pleas for help go unnoticed.

So, with the strength and wisdom of her best friend Starlight, she decides to travel across the Arctic wilderness to seek the help of the village Elders.

Finding out that the village is in real danger, Ellie finally manages to convince her family of the threat, but this is the start of the big melt and Ellie needs your help now!

Global warming is making the world all topsy-turvy”

Inspired by an article she read about the plight of the Yup’ik Eskimo in Alaska and the affect that global warming is having on the lives of the children living there, writer Sarah Watson wanted to share their story and in doing so, empower every child to make wiser choices and take responsibility for the global environment in which they live. 

Adapted for the stage by play-wright Kenneth Mason and composer William Morris, Ellie & Starlight is a musical theatre production for children aged 3-8yrs highlighting environmental issues and promoting sustainability.

“Ellie & Starlight is an engaging musical with magical characters and catchy tunes. It is an excellent way of teaching children about climate change and how it impacts on the lives of ourselves and people in far-away countries, who are often forgotten about.”

Cllr. Matthew Hull, April 2019

“Ellie and Starlight was a fabulous opportunity for our pupils- once again, thank you for offering it.”

Alan Went, Head Teacher, Hampton Hill Junior School

The production informs children about the dangers posed to our planet and educates and inspires them to make a difference. 

“My five year old came to see Ellie & Starlight with his friend on Saturday and had such a lovely time”

Julie Brassett, Parent

Ellie & Starlight the Musical is ideal for family audiences with children or school and nursery groups. 

After a successful opening run at Hampton Hill Theatre in April 2019, producer Stephen Leslie is exploring opportunities to share this important story on a national and international scale.

With a cast of three and a minimal, but impressive set and full musical-theatre backing track, the show lends itself to small and mid-scale touring with the option of educational drama workshops for key stage one and key stage two school children.

Here is the review of the initial production.

The full score, script, backing tracks and a live recording of the songs in the show are available upon request. 

“It’s inspiring to see that the crucial message about climate change can be brought to young children in a creative and entertaining way. We hope that everyone who goes to see the musical has a really enjoyable time and learns the importance of taking care of our planet.”

Cllr. Monica Saunders

Cast & Creatives 

Kate BartonEllie
Peter F. GardinerStarlight the Polar Bear
Liis MikKatrin
Stephen LeslieDirector
Artemis ReidMusical Direction
Gary StevensonLighting Design
David GatesSound Design
Kenneth MasonWriter
William MorrisScore
Sarah WatsonOriginator
Bomi CooperProduction Photography
Stephen LeslieProducer

For more information about Ellie & Starlight the Musical or to make an enquiry about bringing the production to your venue contact producer Stephen Leslie.

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