Gay Pride And No Prejudice

By David Kerby-Kendall

Risking everything for a forbidden love

Darcy has loved Bingley since they were boys. At first through the innocent lens of childhood, but now the hunger to play childish games has been replaced by a more dangerous desire. For if Darcy admits his love, will Bingley and the judgemental lens of adulthood cast him out of Society?

It is 1812, and a few self-appointed men have kidnapped God and democracy. They have decided, in their absence, that two men must never be together. Bingley has accepted this and so attempts to fall for the demure and lovely Jane Bennet. Darcy, already suffering, falls foul of Jane’s sister, the not-at-all demure, Elizabeth (Lizzie). Lizzie is outspoken in her wish for gender equality: for husbands to take their wives’ surnames and, ‘horror of horrors’, for a woman to eventually become Prime Minister. But her prejudice toward Darcy’s pride and wealth begins to melt when he proves himself an outspoken advocate of women’s rights.

Bingley seeks Mr & Mrs Bennet’s feelings about marriage (‘Mrs Bennet and I were deliriously happy for 18 years…and then we met’) in order to plan a perfect but false future with Jane, and it is ultimately he who must decide between an assumed happiness or his love for Darcy; a love that, in the 19th century, ‘dare not speak its name’.

Peppered with comedy, Gay Pride and No Prejudice is the story of two men and one woman’s struggle for acceptance in an era when the few retained the right to judge the many.

Writer – David Kerby-Kendall

David began acting in the 1700s and writing in 2007. He named his first play after the first record he ever bought, Save Your Kisses For Me (he can still do the dance routine; please don’t hold this against him). Since then, he has written seventeen plays, including adaptations of seven of the wonderful David Walliams novels. He is the in-house writer for Heartbreak Productions and his independent plays include the acclaimed The Moon is Halfway to Heaven. As well as writing for theatre, he has had two novels published: The Rainbow Player (the story of a gay premiership footballer) and Diary of a Diary (three people’s experience of depression and a diary that writes its own entries). He has also written extensively for LW Theatres, including the scripts for the tours of Theatre Royal Drury Lane and the London Palladium.

As an actor, he has played Judge Angel in The Crown and, among many theatre roles, Lawrence in Abigail’s Party, Elyot in Private Lives, Laertes in Hamlet, Guy Burgess in An Englishman Abroad and Chris in Jack Shepherd’s award-winning Half Moon.

David is a big fan of Mindfulness techniques in acting (and in life in general) and writes in longhand with a fountain pen; mainly because he types with the coordination of a newly born giraffe.

Graphic Designer – Fleur de Henrie

Fleur, a London-based freelance film and theatre producer and graphic designer, founded Parvis Magna Productions in 2021. With a background in performing arts further to her training at Arts Educational and extensive experience in London’s theatre scene, Fleur’s journey spans from acting to makeup artistry, culminating in over 12 years of event management for prestigious clients across film, theatre, art, fashion, and editorial industries.

Driven by a perpetual passion for creativity, Fleur transitioned from events to pursue acting and producing. Notable achievements include producing and starring in Shelagh Stephenson’s “The Long Road,” which premiered at The Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2019 to critical acclaim. Since 2017, she has served as Associate Producer at Wild Duck Productions. She spearheaded the company’s podcast program, “Short Plays for Short Journeys”, launching successful seasons 1 & 2 in 2019 and 2021.

Her production portfolio extends to Braybrook Productions, where she excelled as a Production Manager for the award-winning film “Under The Jericho Sun” (2018). In 2020, Fleur pitched and secured investment for “Tricycle,” transforming a stage play into an award-winning film amid the Covid Pandemic, showcasing her prowess as a Producer and Unit Production Manager. In addition to her producer roles, Fleur serves as Lead Graphic Designer for Richmond Shakespeare Society, driving branding updates and producing artwork for the companies’ productions. With an innate passion for storytelling and a versatile skill set, Fleur brings invaluable expertise to every project she undertakes.

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