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Why sponsor the arts?

Theatre plays an integral role in supporting our local communities. It provides an inspiring platform for reflection, escapism, entertainment and ultimately creating positive mental health and special memories.
Sponsoring the arts not only ensures your brand is seen by the local community – it creates a positive connection which will be remembered long after the curtain comes down.

“Underwater scenes, sun-lit sparkling seas and snowscapes creates the mood for magic to happen.”
Gill Martin
Culture & Travel Writer December 2022

Our sell out Christmas productions will put your business in the hearts, minds and hands of local families across the Elmbridge and Richmond Borough.

Contact our Production Sponsorship Co-ordinator Kirsty Willcocks to find out range of options.

Benefits to productions sponsors

Topline we will put your company name in front of thousands of local families in and around Walton on Thames and Hampton Hill.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg, as sponsorship of our shows can give you multiple opportunities to not only build brand awareness, but create positive connections with both your staff, local community and potential customers!

“My five-year-old came to see Ellie & Starlight with his friend on Saturday and had such a lovely time”
Julie Brassett

Alongside the traditional advertising opportunities of flyers, social media, posters and programmes – we can provide experiences which enrich the lives of your family, friends, staff and local children. Examples include free tickets, back-stage tours, cast meet and greets to name a few.

It’s these gestures of goodwill and moments of theatre joy that resonate with families.

If you want to be the company the community sees, remembers and connects with contact our production sponsorship co-ordinator Kirsty Willcocks.

The benefits to your business are far reaching but start with your own employees.

Working for a company which sponsors a theatrical production, particularly a Christmas show will generate excitement and good feeling. Perhaps part of your sponsorship package includes free tickets for staff and their families? Or perhaps your sponsorship has made it possible for children supported by a local charity to enjoy the production for free? Maybe you will receive a visit from the cast?

Whatever it may be, pledging your support will have an uplifting impact on team morale and create a buzz around your workplace.

But what about the commercial benefits?

Audiences engage with a performance on an emotional level. The tradition of applauding at the end of a production releases endorphins and people leave the theatre feeling positive.

Aligning your company name with such a positive customer experience will ensure your organization is looked upon favourably and, combined with additional brand recognition, it is highly likely that you will benefit from increased custom and lead generation.

Theatre goers love the arts and that love is shared with those who are generous enough to make theatre affordable. Goodwill in your community is hard to measure but it certainly goes a long way.

And remember! Our marketing reaches thousands of local families every year so if you want your brand to be associated with an exciting offering look no further.

Benefits to your community

“We absolutely loved the show and getting to take the children to see live theatre is so important to all of the team at Carlisle Infant School.”
David Wells
Deputy Head, Carlisle Infant School, Hampton

When you sponsor one of our shows you help us enrich the lives of others.
Each year we choose a local charity close to our hearts to partner with. This Christmas, our chosen charity is Shooting Star who care for babies, children and young people with life-limiting conditions, and their families. Last year we supported Momentum Children’s Charity.

By taking one of our sponsorship packages, you are enabling us to give generously to these local charities who help children who may not be able to see a live theatre show ever.

Sponsorship also enables us to offer a number of discounted tickets to schools and community groups. For many children, this is the first live theatre show experience….an experience which then forms a life long love of the arts.

When you sponsor one of our productions, you will be pledging your support for a high-quality theatrical experience for your community to enjoy.  

You will be providing artistic and educational inspiration for young people and giving them a treasured memory, which may stay with them forever.  For many children who visit us this will be their first show and it could be the one which triggers a lifelong love for the arts. 

And it does not stop there!  Each year our Christmas productions partner with a local children’s charity and with your generosity, you will be directly supporting our fundraising efforts.  

How can you support?

We offer a range of sponsorship options from as little as £175 for an advert in a professionally designed A4 programme to full production sponsor for £1250, giving you a variety of bespoke benefits.

Sponsorship packages are limited so we recommend you express your interest early in the year for our Christmas shows, particularly if you would like to become a main production sponsor.

Click here to contact us for more information and start reaping the benefits of theatre sponsorship today.

Thank you for supporting us and giving back to your community. We all appreciate it.

Stephen Leslie

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